The Interior Landscaping Company

dedicated to providing a professional and comprehensive interior landscaping service

The beauty of living plants makes us all feel more relaxed and in harmony with our surroundings whether inside or outside a constructed environment.

The benefits that we gain from plants are numerous, they can be used as part of the design process to deaden sound, create flow routes, act as barriers, screens and to create ambience.

Your interior environment is both individual and unique, accordingly there is a wide range of plant species available.

We provide a truly comprehensive interior landscaping service that includes:

  • Survey and Design
  • Supply and Installation
  • Rental or Purchase Options
  • Maintenance and Replacement
  • Exterior Schemes

Survey and Design

Let us spend time with you to help you determine the best plants and containers for your environment.


We will study amongst other things the lighting, space available and temperatures in order to ensure appropriate plants are recommended for your location.

For areas inhospitable to living plants we also offer a wide range of the highest quality preserved and replica plants that are so life-like that people have been known to water them!

Once the survey is complete we will prepare a detailed proposal covering all aspects of design, plant species, size, colour, containers and future care.

Supply and Installation

With our links with major growers in the EEC we are able to bring you the highest quality plants at the best possible prices.

At all times sympathetic to your business we can undertake installations at times convenient to you in order to minimize any disruption.


Rental or Purchase Options

We are all constrained by budgets and accordingly we offer the flexibility for you to either purchase or rent your plants.


Maintenance and Replacement

Our maintenance service is tailored to the needs of each client with fully trained personnel taking care of all aspects of the plants needs, watering, feeding, cleaning, pruning and automatically replacing any plants that have reached the end of their lifespan.

Exterior Schemes


To complement an interior scheme we also provide advise, design, installation and maintenance for outdoor schemes.

The Next Step

Our experienced staff are happy to visit you at your convenience to carry out a site survey of your premises at no cost to you.

You will be presented with a full and detailed proposal covering all aspects of design, plant species, future care and costs.

This free consultation is designed to ensure that you will be delighted with your Interior Landscaping and that your plants will flourish and enhance your working environment to the maximum.

Call 01273 231312 or click here to send your request on-line.